What rare situations sometimes crop up during a game of blackjack?

Gambling is something that people all around the world have loved to do since ancient times. But why is that? In short, peopleseem to love the thrill gambling brings. Of course, the chance of winning some money is also a draw. While sports betting is loved by billions worldwide, playing casino games online is something that has become just as popular in recent times.

A large part of this is down to the huge range of fun games to enjoy at online casinos. Slots are a great example of this and come with superb graphics plus awesome sound FX. They also come in a massive choice of themes to suit all tastes. Book of Dead from Play ‘n GO is a case in point and a great game to try if exploring ancient Egypt is your thing. For more information on this game and other awesome slots, check out the Book of Dead website today.

Another classic casino game which never gets old is blackjack. While you might be familiar with the basics, you might not know about the rare situations which some blackjack sessions throw up. But what are the most interesting to discover?



This is a side-betting option some versions of the game include. Insurance in blackjack allows the player to make an additional bet that the dealer’s up card will be an Ace. This can be worth thinking about as it gives protection from the dealer having a straight ‘blackjack’ hand initially. This bet usually pays out at odds of 2/1 and you are normally allowed to bet up to half of your main bet on insurance.

Dead hand


This is not something you see a lot when playing blackjack and does not usually occur at all online. You may occasionally see a dead hand crop up when playing blackjack in person though. It simply refers to the dealer making an error in a hand and one or more players calling attention to it. If the dealer isfound to have made an error as claimed, the hand is declared dead. This sees all cards returned and a fresh hand started.

Doubling down


As well as knowing fundamental blackjack terms, knowing some of the rare occurrences which might crop up is wise. In the same vein as insurance, doubling down is a type of side bet you can sometimes see at certain blackjack tables. It basically allows players to place an extra bet to their main one equal to the ante. This sees one extra card come your way and dictates you must stand with what you have after getting it.

Blackjack has some interesting facets


As the above shows, there are a few things which can crop up at certain blackjack sessions which are not within the basic gameplay parameters. Knowing about them is worthwhile because it ensures you can take advantage of them and always be aware of what is happening.

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