Online poker: Is it harder to bluff successfully andhow might you be able to do it?

Poker is a very popular casino game and one that has found a new lease of life since heading online. When you factor in the convenience online play brings and the excitement poker delivers anyway, then it is clear why internet poker is a winner.

Of course, the range of safe and fun online casinos that carry poker also helps make it accessible to players globally. The best NJ online casino sites always have poker in their gaming selection and often many different versions. Resorts Casino is a case in point, which has online poker to try out in a fun, safe environment, as well as superb welcome bonuses for new players.

To get the most from playing poker, you need to understand how it works first. Bluffing is a key concept – but how much harder is it to fool people about the cards you have online?

Bluffing in online poker can be easier

The simple truth is that it can be easier to pull off a bluff in online poker. Bluffing in physical games is usually made harder because people can see you and take into account any verbal or physical tells that you show. Online play, however, has none of these drawbacks and this makes bluffing actually a lot simpler.

The only exception to the above is for players who actually use fake physical or verbal tells on purpose to fool other players. Many, for example, will put on a twitch to lure people into thinking they are bluffing when they are not. When playing online, this is not possible and so can make this way of bluffing harder.

How can you pull off a bluff in online poker?

The vital thing with bluffing in poker is knowing how and when to do it well. This is certainly true for online play.

The first tip is to choose who you bluff carefully when playing online poker. Some players are almost impossible to bluff and always call. It is much better to target timid online players who are more likely to be vulnerable to bluffing. Another good bluffing tip for online poker is trying to limit the amount of people you bluff to one or two players. This limits the chances of someone having a good enough hand to call you with.

Position is key when playing poker and this is certainly true for bluffing online. It is usually best to bluff when you are last to bet. This enables you to see how other players have acted before you do and means you bet from a more informed position.

Bluffing in online poker is an art

There are advantages and disadvantages to bluffing when playing online poker. Not being physically present with other players can make it easier to run true bluffs, but it is harder to pull off fake ones.

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