Check Out These Unique Methods Of Referring With Cricket++ And GetMega

If you love to place a bet online for various sports, GetMega gives you a great chance. However, specifically for cricket, Cricket++ is a wonderful option, indeed. Unique games are present on both platforms. So, if you want to win exciting prizes, make a move towards these reputed platforms.

Several opportunities are also there for referring to a friend. Be it security or the thrills, Cricket++ is will never disappoint the players. Let your excitement for the sports get double with the outstanding chances to fill up your bags.

Leaderboard Specialities Of Both

GetMega and Cricket++ have some distinct features on the respective leaderboards. The comparison will help you understand the features better. 

Moreover, you get to know the exact calculation of the scoreboard and how the site operates.

Cricket++ leaderboard will give you the ranks of all the players involved in this app. Furthermore, the scoreboard has connections with both performing multiple tasks and the winning of certain tournaments. However, there is no mandatory requirement that you have to become the winner to get attractive returns. The top position at Cricket++ is still achievable according to the playing percentage.

On the other hand, GetMega comes with fabulous leaderboards active on all days. Thus, you can play and win 24/7 without any interruptions. There are numerous chances to bag amazing prizes, be it cricket, rummy, carom, or any other game. Of course, this platform also considers the performance in the case of specific tasks and the total amount of winnings on different matches.

The player of GetMega can also win various prizes in kind like the costly mobile phones, gold coins and many others. Moreover, there are chances to bag cash prizes up to Rs.100,000/- also.

Rewards For The Referrals

The referral program for Cricket++, as well as GetMega, is quite impressive. Every reward is genuinely intriguing for the gamers. The site offers incredible chances to invite any of your friends and win along with the other one. Therefore, it is a double bonanza. Presently, the referral code of this gaming platform is IHDFANTASY!

When the invited person is signing into this website, he or she has to give this referral code. Using the code will make you eligible for the referral bonus. Apart from this, the first time user can also obtain an attractive sign-up bonus.

In the case of GetMega, the amount of referral reward for every reference is Rs.10/-. However, to become eligible for such a bonus, the player needs to fulfil certain criteria. These conditions are as follows;-

  • The concerned referral person needs to play at least one game with the person referring them. It is only applicable for playing the game through video chat.
  • The referee must have the name of the referral in the contact book.

The signing up bonus value of GetMega is Rs.5/- per player. Therefore, join the exciting platforms today for a beautiful outcome.

Ease Of Playing For The Users

The user interface is also an essential factor for both platforms. Seamless integration with the UX and UI features form an inseparable part of Cricket++. However, here, the players can go for the cricket only horizontally. But the interaction is very intriguing during every game.

The games of GetMega are more thrilling with a cleaner user interface. Moreover, gamers can enjoy both horizontal and vertical gaming opportunities on this platform. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant advantages of preferring this medium for betting on sports games. It also presents an intuitive environment and thus engages more people in the matches.

Final Statement

In conclusion, we want you to understand the features of both GetMega and Cricket++. Now, it is in your hands which one to prefer for being in a better position. The security levels are almost the same in both of them. But, the user-friendliness is more in the case of GetMega than the other one.

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