What is meant by EAT and why is it hugely significant for SEO?

EAT is the abbreviation of expertise, authority, and trust. Every reputed search engine, like Google, uses these three factors for measuring the trust it must place in a website or a brand. Google wishes to provide its customers the finest experience possible. Hence, it promotes only those sites that seem reliable to it. Businesses and domains that have the display of their EAT must not see themselves as endorsed by Google.

An Eat-and-see site (먹튀검증사이트) possesses its own terms of use and conditions pages besides privacy policy pages. A website can improve its display or EAT right on its website via various methods that are highlighted. The EAT of a website must be readable in brand sentiment and augmented brand recognition and it leads to a spike in revenue and sales.

The method of verifying a website

For verifying a website you need to observe the following:

  • Check whether the URL of the site has been spelled correctly – One vital indicator that indicates a fake site is misspelled URL. A fraudster might change the name of the URL slightly like he can use amaz0n.com. At times, fraudsters also alter the domain extension, such as amazon.org in place of amazon.com.
  • Go through the site seals – The job of the site seal is to signal that the site is reliable and authentic. Commonly, people can click on site seals for revealing more info regarding the website and the method in which it has got verification. When a seal does not do anything when people click on it then you should not trust it. You can assume that they are unlawful copies of seals.
  • Hunt for a lock – When a website remains locked then you can be ensured that the site is secured. It has been secured by an SSL or TLS certificate that does the job of encrypting the user data. People can see the lock on the address bar’s upper left. They will see 3 kinds of TLS certificates and every one of them displays a lock. The certificates are Organization Validation, Extended Validation, and Domain Validation.
    • Organizational validation certificate – An organization gets authentication from the CA or certificate authority in an official business registration database. It is a kind of standard certificate that is suggested for a public or commercial website.
    • Extended validation certificate – It comprises some extra validation steps and also proposes the highest levels of authentication for protecting users and a brand. CAs might need some documents as well as personal contact that would ensure that EV certificates comprise legal business info. The leading organizations of the world use them for ensuring user trust. They give users confidence that the site is authentic and an entity owns it.
    • Domain validation certificate – It verifies a domain’s ownership. Nonetheless, DV certificates don’t propose any organizational identification info. Hence, people must forbid themselves from using DV certificates for their commercial purposes.

You must always take your time to get an Eat-and-see site (먹튀검증사이트). If you do not get it then you can ask your family and friends if they have got any experience of these kinds of sites.

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